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About Us


We have state of the art Mobile Texting Platform that small to large businesses can utilize to send News, Updates, special offers, mobile coupons etc to their customers via TEXT Message. We have reached over 150 million messages delivered via texts to mobile phones in USA.

Digital communication is diversified and so has audience preference, making it nearly impossible to reach your entire target group with just one channel. New technology generation relies more on instant messaging. All prefer text message over an email. And now nearly half the world can't function without text messages and social media. The only way to reach 100% today is to incorporate all channels of communication with your business!

Sky Telecom provides solution for businesses to reach their customers in efficent manner.


Since 1996, Sky Telecom has been the largest wholesaler and manufacturer of prepaid phone cards in USA. Sky Telecom expended its phone cards, wireless cards, sim card and pin-less callingcards distributions to each and every part of the United States in retail stores and online. Head Quartered in Orlando, Sky Telecom expended to 12 offices serving over 50,000 retail locations. Sky Telecom has high reputation and is well recognized by retailers. Sky telecom sold the most reliable and dependable cards to their customers (wholesalers, distributors and .com companies) - providing 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on all the cards.

Sky Telecom's phone cards was distributed in retail locations nationwide including Disney Resorts and gift shops, AM/PM Mini Market, Amoco/BP, Texaco, Chevron, Citgo, Hess, Mobil, Shell etc locations.. Over the years, our distributors, retailers and consumers relied on us to provide dependable products at competitive prices. Sky Telecom wholesaled/distributed over 100 different types of phone cards issued from over 20 telecommunications carriers such as AT&T, T-Mobile, IDT, Nobel, Black Wireless, Tigo, Claro, MCI Worldcom, Quest, including over 50 private label cards. With the exceptions of the private label phone cards, which Sky Telecom printed and activates itself, Sky telecom purchased pre-printed, pre-activated phone cards from each of the applicable telecommunications carriers and distributed the cards through its network of  independent distributors. 

The Company had earned the reputation for providing high quality service to our customers and their needs. Sky Telecom's commitment to superior service is one of it's highest priority. For more info, visit www.thephonecards.com.

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Other Information

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